Signature Speaker Cables

The Signature Speaker Cable is the perfect companion to our Type Vi interconnects. Unique construction with a single 4½” wide, flat, thin copper ribbon for each polarity on each speaker.  Standard with Cardas spade or banana connectors. WBT connectors available for additional cost. Bi-wire and half-width configurations are available.

Signature Speaker Cables

7 foot length – $1,200/pair

        ($100 per additional foot per pair)

        Optional WBT connectors – Add $360

7 foot length, bi-wire speaker cables – 2 full runs of Signature cable in one jacket – $2,400/pair

        ($200 per additional foot per pair)

        Optional WBT connectors – Add $540

Optional half-width speaker cables – Add $100

        (Ribbon conductors are cut and stacked to improve appearance

        with minimal degradation of sound.)