About Magnan Audio Cables

Magnan Cables has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-end audio interconnects and speaker cables since 1990.  After a long period devoted solely to the research and development of high-end audio cables, the company achieved a major breakthrough that has continued to transcend the current conventional “state-of-the-art” to an unprecedented level of musical accuracy.

David Magnan, founder of Magnan Cables, retired from cable building in 2010, and the business re-opened under new ownership in 2012.  The cables continue to be built using the same materials and techniques that were previously used.  David Magnan serves as a consultant to ensure the highest quality and legendary performance are maintained.

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Magnan Cables are unique.

Magnan interconnects and speaker cables drastically reduce skin effect-caused time dispersion or time smear in conductors.  The Magnan cables combine micro-thin alloy ribbon technologies with air space/PTFE (Teflon) dielectric construction.  All Magnan audio cables are completely made by hand — these designs cannot be made by machine.  Many hours go into the construction of these audio cables before final inspection, testing, and evaluation.

 The sound of Magnan Cables

Upon installing Magnan audio cables in your system, you’ll immediately notice a wider and deeper soundstage with greater imaging and focus.  Furthermore, the cables achieve an extraordinary degree of resolution, fine low-level detail, and hall ambience.  Lastly, truth of timbre is absolutely superb and the tonal balance is very natural and neutral.

With Magnan audio cables you can transcend from listening to just another high-end audio system to experiencing the very best seat at the concert hall.